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It takes all of us..... Best Crew Ever!!!

Al & Ch Dehaan with Reysed Rich 5K NNP Kenny Paul Champion

Stories, lots & lots of stories

25k NH & 25k NNP Kenny Paul Champions. Dos Cats with Mike, Dawn & Roper

50K Amateur Kenny Paul Champion, with Mike, Roper & Alan

Youth Kenny Paul Circuit Champion, Kaitlyn Laube

Glen Nelson, Non-Pro Kenny Paul Circuit Champion

Tim Smith & Miss Martini Boone, Kenny Paul Open Circuit Champion

Temmy Evans 5K NNP Champ, with Al & Les

Ruben receiving for Allen Needles 1000 Amateur champion

Marilyn Brandt & Smooth Pistol Annie 2K LR year champs

Jereme Barnett 35K NP & 15K AM 2021 Champion

Virginia & Izzie 50K Amateur 2021 Champion

2021 Youth Co-Champions. JC Carson & Kaitlyn Laube. Both receiving a Jan Mapes Bronze

Could not do it without our great turnback help

Thanks for keeping the cattle to us Mr Tom

Remembering Kenny Paul

Awards time

One of the corner stones of our club. We will miss you Mr Carson

Remembering Grandad

Setting up the food. Enough for all.

Thanks for the great wine Allen Needles

Waiting for Dinner

Telling Stories

Take your pick

Getting all the awards set up, Thanks Penny, Dawn & Cindy

Farwell 4 NP Circuit Champion Dick Cogdell & Mr Nite Linger

Farwell 4 Open Circuit Champion Abraham Calvillo & Kat Dancing

Farwell 2500 NH Circuit Champion Tracy Clark & El Gato Gal

Farwell 5K NNP Circuit Champion Jessie Floyd & Smooth Lil Kit Kat

Farwell 25K NNP Circuit Champion Lucchese Johnson & Yall Im Countin

Farwell 5K NH Circuit Champion Al Dunning & Manteca Moe

Farwell 25K NH Circuit Chamption Gaylon Wells & Hesa Money Maker

Farwell Youth Circuit Champion JC Carson & Little Time Snorty

Farwell 2K LR Circuit Champion Karter Bearup & Mamas Little Pistol

Farwell 15k AM Circuit Champion Holly Cogdell & Bentley Boon

Farwell 35k NP Circuit Champion Jewel Duval & Short Drive

Farwell 50K Am Circuit Champion Kelsey Riderique & LIzzys Lil Player

Farwell Non-Pro Circuit Champion Mary Jo Milner & Duramax Dually

Farwell Open Circuit Champion Gayland & Paradox Cat

Farwell We are full, story time

Farwell Smart Pistols Pride Richard Searle

Farwell Never Won A Buckle Champion

Farwell. Telling stories

Farwell, It was a good show.

Everyone needs to eat~!!

Farwell Tx We only allow happy people at our shows!!

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